NinaQueen”Heart Of the Ocean” 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

The Heart of the Ocean necklace by NINAQUEEN is mesmerizing enough to miss a heart beat or two!  The breathtakingly beautiful piece is decorated with Charming Special made with Swarowski crystals, representing the beauty of the enchanting scenery.

711uqpxwrrl-_uy500_This necklace is inspired by the popular elements of 2016 Paris Fashion Week.  The pendant necklace is made of 925 Sterling Silver with the highest level of certification standards.  Exquisite and elegant, this is one piece that every woman would love to possess!

The pendant length is 0.55 inches and width is 0.7 inches.  The chain is adjustable with Clasp fastening.  The pendant chain comes in a deluxe presentation box, which is ideal for the gifting and to make the recipient truly special.  Both sides of the pendant will surprise you with its thoughtful detail.

Every gem stone and Swarovski crystal undergoes rigorous screening as per NinaQueen, to give you the best.  NinaQueen offers high standards in color, cut, and clarity, according to the certification standards.

Each product has a corresponding appearance patent certificate and the SGS quality certification.  SGS is an authority in the world for quality certification and a leader in the jewelry industry.

The NinaQueen Ocean Necklace is sure to win the heart of your beloved.  Show her the love and give her the replica of your heart, which is bright, strong, and yet exudes gentleness.

The necklace when worn (as shown in the photograph) is very attractive and prominent to see.  It is sure to make the wearer a proud owner of the Ocean of the Heart pendant and chain.  It definitely adds to beauty and charm when worn.

Now, go ahead and gift it to her and see her smile radiating like the brilliance of a shining star and sit back and enjoy the contentment in your heart.  That is what gifts are for right?